Infant Massage


“Where touching begins, there also love and humanity begin.”

Let me show you how!

I was pleasantly surprised to learn in August 2016 that I’d been a certified Infant Massage Instructor for 20 years!  As a new parent, I learned infant massage from a certified instructor in March 1990, when our oldest was three months old.  Since becoming certified myself, I’ve worked with many families over the years, most of whom have been coworkers, friends, relatives, as well as families residing at our local COTS (Committee on the Shelterless). 

In working with the most recent seven families these past five months, I’ve come to realize I have something very important and much needed during this time of unrest in our nation.  An ancient tradition, in many countries, that brings families closer together by learning this tactile translation of love, security, and physical comfort – a dance between parent/guardian and baby.


What benefits do families enjoy from learning infant massage?

  • Relaxes & soothes~ nurturing touch is a  naturally rewarding way to relieve stress for you and your baby
  • Deepens bonding ~ essential one-on-one time that will strengthen your family communications, understanding and ability to nurture one another
  • Improves communication ~ increases your confidence and sensitivity to your baby’s cues
  • Contributes to development ~ stimulates growth and healthy development of your baby’s body, mind, and spirit
  • Empowers ~ enhances your ability to understand your baby’s special needs
  • Helps baby sleep better ~ helping your baby release stress which builds daily from new experiences means more rest for baby and you … everyone feels better!


Infant massage enhances loving communication and nurturing parenting skills between caregiver and baby.  It helps to strengthen and regulate the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems.  Parents learn to understand and respond appropriately to baby’s nonverbal cues.  Baby find relief from symptoms of gas and colic.

ince becoming certified, I’ve worked with many families, most of whom have been coworkers, friends, and family.


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