Infant Massage Instructor

Ariel, our first daughter, was born December 1989, while I was in the US Navy.  It was a stressful time not having a support system or family nearby while attempting to learn to be a mother.  Breast feeding didn’t proved unsuccessful and, in my mind, this equated to failure as a mother.

When Ariel was almost four months old, I chose to reply to an ad in the local paper promoting the bonding benefits of learning infant massage.  The instructor came to our home and facilitated two one-on-one sessions, with several “practice days” in between.  I felt a definite increase in my confidence as a mother and enjoyed the close one-on-one time with Ariel.

Three years later, along came Gabrielle.  I actually began infant massage with Gabby while we were still in the hospital and she obviously enjoyed it.  And once we  got home, there came a time when Ari, Gabby and I got to share the time together, with me massaging Ariel and she massaging Gabby!  While it is not definitive whether it was infant massage that relaxed me sufficiently enough to be more successful with breast-feeding, I am grateful that aspect did improve the second time around.

Two years later, the opportunity to train to be an infant massage instructor was posed.  Having experienced the difference it made in the life of my own family, the thought of sharing that experience with others prompted me to jump on the opportunity.  Since then, I have shared the benefits of infant massage with families in Marin and Sonoma counties, and, in 2012, I was honored to share the experience with several families living at COTS.


Parents who take an infant massage class learn much more than just the mechanics of a massage routine. They learn different styles of touch, movement, interaction and communication.

Interaction in Infant Massage May Include:

      • Promotion of bonding and secure attachment
      • Verbal/non-verbal communication
      • Development of trust and confidence
      • Using all the senses
      • Feelings of love, respect, and being valued

Each Massage May Stimulate:

      • Circulatory and digestive systems
      • Hormonal and immune systems
      • Coordination and balance
      • Learning and concentration
      • Muscular development and growth
      • Mind and body awareness

Parents May Find that Infant Massage Helps Relieve:

      • Gas and colic
      • Constipation and elimination
      • Growing pains and muscular tension
      • Teething discomfort
      • Cramps

Massage Promotes Relaxation which May be Shown Through:

      • Improved sleep patterns
      • Increased flexibility and muscle tone
      • Regulation of behavioral states
      • Being calm and being able to calm themself
      • Reduction in stress hormones

Interested in learning infant massage or even giving the gift of infant massage instruction to someone else?  Simply contact me at 707-529-4806.




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