Mr. T’s Rite of Passage

As an individual returning to school in the “sunset” years of his life, on the morning of Saturday, May 24, Mr. T received an AS in Geospatial Technology.  Mind you, in the “sunrise” years of life, he earned an AS in Electronics Technology, so earning a degree wasn’t new.  What was new was his taking the opportunity to participate in the pomp and circumstance of formerly receiving a degree.  Mr. T, coworker Andy Goldstein, my coworker Anthony Wise, the daughter of coworker Lynn Parker, and over a 1,000 more were recognized by family and friends for their hard work and dedication, among the old oaks of Santa Rosa Junior College.

Mr. T spent the past six years studying, struggling through homework (even while vacationing in places like Oahu), an internship  with the City of Petaluma, being a dad and spouse, and being employed full-time.  He even had to take classes for which he received credit for many years ago as they were now “outdated”.

Congratulations, Honey!  Now, how about we take a vacation without homework!

As I began recording the announcement of Mr. T’s name and degree, my phone decided to overheat.  So, unfortunately, you miss observing him “hamming it up” on the stage … throwing kisses at the audience, etc.!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. thom
    May 28, 2014 @ 13:47:08

    woot! Rawkkkk TxBee!


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