Lawn Mowing – Ptown Style

goatsThis is how the high grass is maintained around the fine homes on the west side of Petaluma each year.  A few years ago I also had the fortune of observing them “chow down” at Rancho Obi Wan.

Might you consider giving up your lawn mower for a goat mower?  There are drawbacks and advantages. Goats can get to places normal mowers cannot get to, and animal mowing retards regrowth because the animals’ digestive systems sterilize the seeds. You also avoid the traditional fumes that come with gas-powered lawn mowers.  And they may very well add some humor to your day!

However, you would have to plan to protect any plants you do not wish to be eaten.  Hmmm, maybe I should consider a goat mowing rental business for my retirement … NOT!




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