SoCal Bound

Over six months ago, Mr T and I decided to make a trip to San Diego in 2014.  While he’d been there over 28 years ago, I’d only gotten as close as Irvine thanks to our youngest, Gabby, electing to continue her education at UCI in 2013.

Thanks to LynnM, we left for SoCal immediately after work on Saturday and stopped in Shell Beach, just north of Pismo for a “layover”. We were up and out of there by 6am with the goal of meeting up with Gabby (our UC Irvine child) for breakfast in the Irvine area.  Unfortunately for us, Gabby “partied” til 6am and wasn’t up for our company til at least noon.  We elected to visit “Pancakes R Us” … a place Mr. T had discovered when searching for breakfast locations when we visited Irvine last September.  Sadly, we didn’t find it to be “all that”, though many others claim it to be fantastic.

It was great spending the afternoon with Gabby, Tammy (a Santa Rosa resident attending UC Riverside), and Meighan. Meighan is one of my old Girl Scouts who recently returned from over a year in Japan and had elected to drive down to visit with Gabby for the weekend.  Cheers to the adventurer in Meighan!

After spending a few hours with the girls, we completed our trip to San Diego, checked into “Inn at the Park” and received a recommendation by the concierge to have dinner at Hupangos (20% off and the idea of Mexican seafood dishes made this a no-brainer decision).  Hupangos food and service were excellent!  And the 3/4 mile walk back to the room definitely helped with the digestion!

As for our room … we were one of the few with a balcony, and from it, looking due east, was Balboa Park!



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