Movin’ Into Wisconsin … Today!

Super Girl Facilitator

Severson Sisters continues to take their highly successful Super Girl Program nationwide!  Having ventured into California to license and certify three new talented, motivated facilitators in February, Severson Sisters’ founder Carrie Severson and Facilitator Trainer Elizabeth Cling have moved on to Wisconsin today.

During the earlier part of Saturday, Carrie will share details on the program with Fox 6 news in Milwaukee. By early afternoon, she and Elizabeth will focus on recruiting facilitators as part of a Mother/Daughter empowerment workshop in which moms/guardians and daughters will work on exercises from the extraordinary program at Just Kiln’ Time Pottery.

multiWhy register your daughter in a Super Girl Program?  Because it gives girls the skills and tools necessary to serve as positive role models in their communities.  It focuses on three elements: self-esteem enhancing tools; tips on how to develop and maintain healthy relationships with their peers; and action plans on how to handle bullying situations in life that match their personality.

DaisiesInterested in learning more?  Visit the Severson Sisters Foundation website.  And if you are in Northern California, check out the Super Girl Program beginning April 16 by visiting here.

Watch the video from Fox6 News here.


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