Join the next 500!

As of March 2014, Severson Sisters has officially impacted the lives of MORE THAN 1,000 girls in three years!

Their goal in 2014 is to impact the lives of 500 MORE GIRLS!  And as a Severson Sisters Facilitator in Northern California, I am looking forward to positively impacting many of those next 500!

  • We work with the girl who wants a friend yet lacks the confidence to say hello to anyone.
  • We impact the life of the girl who scratches herself to the point of drawing blood due to nerves.
  • We inspire the girl to stand up for herself after being pushed off bleachers at school.

MultiThese statements are actual stories of three different girls who have come through the Super Girl program. And all three of these girls now possess tools to help them know how to enhance their self-esteem, seek positive relationships in life and know what to do if they are bullied or see it happen.

A 10-week Super Girl program for RESPECT is scheduled to begin April 16 for 6th-8th grade girls.  Click here for details.

All girls are Super Girls … let me inspire you to live authentically, as your awesome, super self.  You have the Power within You!

Blue~ Trisha
Your SF North Bay Facilitator


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