Tomororw, February 14
is a global day of action to end violence against women and girls.
It’s anticipated to be the largest global protest in History!
One billion women – and the men who love us –
will rise in a commitment to ending violence.

Will you be with us?

dancing OBR

I will be RISING February 14 for numerous reasons …

I will RISE for my daughters, nieces, aunts, cousins, sisters-in-law, and mother.

I will RISE for our future. A world without violence against women & girls is essential.

I will RISE to open up opportunities for young women. We need your voices and your leadership.

I will RISE for justice. No one is equal unless everyone is equal.

I will RISE to change our government. “Of, by and for the people” doesn’t work if over half are in danger.

I will RISE for my family. Not just for those I already know, but for those who are yet to be born.

I will RISE because I’m grateful. Sisterhood is a blessing.

I will RISE for our brothers.  May you be freed from the limiting strictures of our modern definition of masculinity and understand that women, too, are to be honored and respected.

I will RISE to change the conversation. Violence against women will be discussed; it will no longer be marginal.

I will RISE because I enjoy dancing. To freely move in open space is a luxury – and it shouldn’t be.

I will RISE to make a statement. My voice matters.

I will RISE because one in three – because a BILLION – is unfathomable. I cannot comprehend that magnitude of violence.

I will RISE for those who can’t. You are not alone; we’re here for you.

I will RISE because our bodies are sacred.

I will RISE to respect myself. Love begins at home.

I will RISE for victims. It’s not your fault.

I will RISE to support my global sisters. I am a better person because of your courage.

I will RISE for anyone who wasn’t believed. I believe you.

I will RISE against the system. It doesn’t work, and it’s killing us.

I will RISE because I must. Inaction is not an option.

I will RISE to show it’s possible. Change can happen if we’re willing to take the risk.

I will RISE because the time is Now. We cannot wait another minute to protect women & girls.

Join us as we STRIKE! DANCE! RISE!
to end violence against women & girls.

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