Heading for the Sierra Foothills

This long-awaited weekend is finally here!  Ever since purchasing my new scooter in late August, I’ve been anxiously waiting for our “big” road trip.  Granted, 145 miles isn’t all that far when you’re in a car, but on a scooter it’s so much larger.  I still believe it’s due to the stimulation of so many more skin cells to the great outdoors.  At some point during the trip I realized the joy I feel from riding my scooter was the equivalent to sailing my Sunfish during my teens.

My greatest pre-trip anxiety was not being able to figure out how to link the iphone navigation to the communication system on my helmet.  The thought of pulling over every so often to learn if we were still heading in the correct direction was a bit annoying.  Fortunately Mr T got it paired up for me during our first stop.

The first and only planned stop on the way to the foot hills was breakfast at the Fremont Diner in Sonoma.  Fremont is like a diner from out of the past, with prompt, attentive service, and great “southern” food.  Vintage signage, antiques, and typically busy (worth any wait you may have to make).  Fortunately, this time of the year, outdoor seating is an option which eliminates waiting for seating.   I stepped outside my “ick, oysters” box and tried their Hangtown Fry breakfast: Drakes Bay Oysters (lightly battered and deep-fried), remoulade, home fries, bacon, scrambled eggs and baby greens.  Delish!  Mr T had the same, however he added their apple cinnamon bread pudding to the mix.  While we’ve not tried their lunch, I’m sure the quality is just as good.  There was a not on the door stating they’ll be serving dinners beginning October 11.

Finally back on the road, navigation system operating (with fleeting moments of wishing to yell at Sere to change her tone), we began the trek eastbound on roadways and through towns we’d not previously ventured.  Crossing the Sacramento River at this particular latitude brought back memories of spending time along the Mississippi River while stationed outside Memphis … lazy, laid back, and in need of Huck Finn.  At least 80% of the trip was on two-lane roads traversing through much of California’s agriculture and cattle farms.  It’s been about 25 years since I was stationed in central California and while the olives and almond groves, fruit trees, and other crops were not surprise, what was different was seeing vineyards.

After just over three hours we made it to our destination of Angels Camp at which time we relaxed for a bit before heading out to dinner.  Our craving for some italian food landed us the recommendation of Crusco’s in downtown Angels Camp, of which the sign at their entrance says it all, “This is not fast food.”  The photos don’t do the food justice … antipasto salad, surf n’ turf with creamy polenta, buffalo mozzarella ravioli with locally grown greens, tomatoes, and leeks in a garlic butter sauce, and a bottle of Zinman Zin.  This was followed by kaluha chocolate mousse and peach cheesecake.  Another “do not miss” dining experience.

My evening ended with a few minutes in the hot tub, under the stars.  A spectacular end to a wonderful day.





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