Aloha Oahu – Day 2

Good Morning, Waikiki!

Today (Monday) was a day to commit, with advice from our Concierge, to activities we’d pursue during our stay.  We initially had plans to rent scooters for a day to ride around the island, however that was nixed after learning at some point you have to get on one of the highways, of which the scooters were not permitted.  Speaking of scooters, we were both amazed Hawaii does not have a helmet law!  After my fall of last spring, I wouldn’t consider riding without one.

Our other interest while visiting was to ride the ziplines (loved this in Alaska), however our concierge claimed the ziplines on Oahu were nowhere near as good as those on Maui or the Big Island, so we skipped that, too.

We did, however, commit to an all-day island eco-adventure on Tuesday as well as a helicopter ride Thursday; hiking Diamond Head was also on our list of activities.   Since we were expecting visitors by Tuesday night, we choose to leave the remaining days open to possibly commit to some excursions with them.

With some commitments set and what with still feeling a bit drained from the prior travel day, we limited our day to relaxing, particularly on Waikiki beach, and hanging in the member’s lounge for a sunset viewing.

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