Aloha Oahu! Day 1

Twenty-five years … sounds like a good time to finally take a honeymoon AND celebrate a quarter century together!

It began with requesting time off back in December 2011 and should have been followed with selecting a location and booking a flight.  However by early summer we’d accomplished none of it.  I kept thinking, “we’ll get to it.”

In late June we attended CFF’s “A Night of Wine & 65 Roses” event at which we acquired a trip to Oahu – seven nights at a resort plus airfare – in the silent auction.  (Thank you, Lucia!)  We were now committed!

We left Oakland International the morning of September 9 – Mr. T’s 61st birthday – and arrived in Oahu just after noon to the oh-so-familiar balminess of our Florida lives.  We were met by Ilima transportation for the ride to The Imperial.  Our knowledgeable driver provided many facts about Hawaii and Oahu in particular.  For instance, the population of Hawaii is approximately 1.3 million.  Almost over 953,00 of that number live on OAHU!  In addition, there are over 800,000 vehicles on the island – almost one per person!  (This fact became obvious when traveling around the island.)

Photo of The_Imperial_Hawaii_Resort_at_WaikikiAs we were early for check in, we left our bags at the Imperial and began strolling our neighborhood.  It wasn’t long before I was feeling like I was on Rodeo Drive in LA – very high-end shopping!  During our stroll we encountered an outdoor concert in honor of the 9/11 victims.  Our stomachs told us it was time for sustenance, of which we found in the food court of the International Market.

Feeling full and yet wiped-out from our travels, we headed back to the Imperial for our official check in and some down time.  We were thrilled to find we were on the 25th floor of a 26 floor building and only a block away from Waikiki beach!  The roof had a swimming pool and the 26th floor had a “member’s lounge” of which we visited several evenings for many a lovely sunset.  And let’s not forget the hot tub and gym!

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