Dear Thom

  Yes, that’s “Tom” with an “h” thrown in to distinguish himself from all the other Toms.  In fact, it’s that “h” that makes him unique enough to believe he doesn’t need a business card – like saying “Cher”, “Bono”, “Madonna”, “Prince”, etc.  Now, I’ve had the fortune of hanging with Thom on many occasions as well as working with him on local productions.  And while I’ll admit he’s a memorable character – particularly his boisterous laugh – I still believe he needs a business card for professional purposes.  After all, when introducing himself, it’s not as if he says, “Hi, I’m Tom, with an ‘h'”.

    So, why might I be writing about Thom, you ask?  I ran into him last Saturday evening during the dual celebration of Petaluma Mail Depot’s 10th anniversary and the birthday of its owner, Maureen.  It had been a long while since last seeing Thom, so the last words I would expect to hear from his mouth were, “Hey, I’m really pissed at you!”  This was totally unexpected!  Whatever had I done?  When questioned, his response was (though not verbatim), “You got me hooked on your blogs and you haven’t written anything lately!  I’m checking daily!”

    Someone is hooked on MY aimless chatter about life?  Really??  Not sure if I’m flattered, but I am perplexed.

   Yes, I was on a roll for a while, but that’s what happens when you dump your scooter and separate your shoulder –  you stay home from work for a while and keep yourself preoccupied with other (more creative and pleasurable) activities.  Unfortunately, I’m now  back to work.  Besides that, someone has to stay on top of the blogs for Guided To Safety, V-Day Petaluma, and, occasionally, EverMay Garden Center!

    Well, Thom, this one is for you.  “Happy Birthday!”


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  1. tHom
    Aug 25, 2012 @ 07:53:25

    Thanks for this TRISH… Really surprised me and made me smile.

    P.S. I DO have a business card… It says, “Thom”


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