Scootering Up – Again!

Back in mid-April I wrote about our love of scooters and our soon-to-be transition to scooters with more power.  Early in May Mr. T acquired the 2005 Suzuki Burgman he was hoping Dr. M would not purchase.  I, on the other hand, moved up from my 2008 Genuine Buddy 125 to his 2012 Genuine Buddy 170i.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to ride it right away due to a mishap in late April that left me with a separation in the right shoulder.  I did, however, take advantage of riding on the back of Mr. T’s new touring scooter – at least until he decided he no longer wished the responsiblity of having me back there.

In the meantime, my tangerine Buddy 125 went up for sale on Craig’s list.  While it sat in the driveway, a “for sale” sign was placed on it to take advantage of passing traffic.  One Sunday afternoon a lovely old man, Mr. E, who once was a customer of mine, came knocking on the door asking about the scooter.  He’d been riding a moped that had been in the family for years.  I let him take it out for a spin and he came back an hour later in love with that little spitfire!  Now to convince his wife this was a good thing!  That same evening there was a knock on our door and there stood Mr. E with the “for sale” sign, a deposit and “I’ll be back at 8:00am with the balance!”

Bright and early Monday, there was Mr E with the cash.  He’d walked over with his helmet, ready to begin a new adventure.  I cried.  He panicked, thinking I’d changed my mine.  I said, “I didn’t realize I would miss it.  It’s a happy scooter.”  To which he replied, “You can come by whenever you like and take it for a ride!”

During the week I’d see a tangerine scooter flash by around town … it pulled at my emotions.  By Friday Mr. E came by to show me all the little modifications he was making to the scooter such as merging the old basket off mine with his moped basket, adding hooks, a coffee holder, etc.  He was thoroughly enjoying it.  From then on I haven’t missed my old Buddy … it’s obviously well-loved.

Mr. E has a son in the local police department who also happens to live around the corner from us, so Mr. E is regularly riding by beeping the horn at us; once even with a grandson on the back on the way to ball practice.  We’ve teased him about paying attention to the speedometer or his first ticket will be from his son! 

In mid-July Mr. T and I rode north for a staycation that included wine tasting and hanging with friends at a lovely resort in Windsor.  We did quite a  bit of pleasure riding and talked about how much more riding we’d like to enjoy.  However the one thing that was in the way was my scooter.  It’s perfect for around town and jaunts in the bay area, but for our dreams, such as riding to Tahoe … well, it’s not up to par.  So, here it is, the end of July, and I’ve now got the 2012 Genuine Buddy up on Craig’s list while also looking for a touring scooter with much more power. 

There’s an amazing sense of freedom when scooting, as well as the exhilarating sensory stimulation of the passing breeze touching every exposed skin cell.  There’s a feeling of being part of all that is around you vs simply being a passing observer. Then there are the benefits of saving $$$ on gas as well as the ease of parking! 

If you’re in the SF Bay area and looking to purchase a scooter, I may have it (  And if you know of someone selling a touring scooter, particularly a Suzuki Burgman, please hook me up!

Happy Scootering!


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