Only the Strong will Survive

Spent a tedious morning and afternoon preparing a new garden box for 30 salvaged tomatoes in various stages of life – primarily on the down side.  It began with transferring a mound of soil in a corner of the yard into the a 4′ x 8′ x 15″ box; however, there wasn’t quite enough soil, so I blocked off a portion of the box from holding any soil for now.  Then came the planting of the assorted varieties of straggly, root-bound tomatoes that were about to be tossed into a compost.

While I don’t anticipate them all surviving, the soaking of each one into a container of MaxSea seaweed plant food acquired at EverMay Garden Center will give them all a good start on a new lease on life.  And if they DO all survive, we’ll be eating tomatoes for a very long time!

Next project … the 14 salvaged pepper and eggplants!


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