Silent Auction Staycation, Part 1

Back in late June Mr T and I attended “65 Roses”, an annual fundraising event for Cystic Fibrosis.  While there we had the fortune of winning a “super silent auction” item: three nights at a resort in Windsor, only 30 miles or so from home, along with a private wine tour and tasting at Stryker Sonoma.  A scooter trip in the making!

Prior single-night overnighters with our scooters required simply packing necessities into a backpack and scooter storage space, if  necessary.  With Mr. T now owning a larger scooter, he was still able to bring along his necessities in that fashion.  I, on the other hand, had to pack into a carry-on suitcase then strap it onto my scooter in my own creative fashion.  In addition, I was carrying some food items in a cooler which ended up traveling on the floorboard.  You could say my ride was comparable to making a road trip in a small car while it was packed to the gills.  I did, however, enjoy the comfort of the suitcase, strapped on the seat behind me, as back support.


Our trip began with an always-yummy breakfast at Cotati’s Redwood Cafe with friends Lesley and Becky.  While there, we had the fortune of encountering the newly youthful 60-year old Pete and lovely wife Dorothy; and just outside the cafe entrance at two of the outdoor tables was one of my favorite massage therapists Ms Vanessa and recent Sonoma State University graduate Ms. Megan.



Back on the scooters we rode through Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, , Windsor and, finally, Geyerserville where we visited Clos du Bois winery.


Next we were moving on to Stryker Sonoma, meeting Susan & Barry for our private tour and tasting, when …


in came upstanding members of the Medley Club


  A very chilled Chardonnay: 


From Stryker Sonoma we parted ways with plans to  meet up later for dinner and a sleepover!  To be continued …


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  1. Stryker Sonoma
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 09:07:20

    Great blog post! Sounds like you folks have a lot of fun on your scooters! We appreciate your visit and that you took the time to share it with friends! Cheers!

    Stryker Sonoma!


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