Have you been a Scrapbookin’ Maniac?

During recent weeks away from work, I spent quite a bit of time processing and/or eliminating accumulated paperwork, cleaning up the yard, attempting to sell items we weren’t using, dumping items at the county refuse, and donating.  And as much as I was able to eliminate (at least eight trips to the refuse, plus donation trips to Good Will and the local animal shelter) it seems as though I’d barely put a dent in the years of accumulation!  However, I have to admit, much of the accumulation is now more organized; more pleasing to the eye.

So, where does this blog title come into play?  Well, several years ago I was a consultant for Creative Memories.  In the process of cleaning out my bedroom closet I came upon a few boxes of Creative Memories scrapbooking supplies: photo albums, album pages, paper/photo cutting systems, assorted photo paper, pre-cut mounting paper, assorted stickers, tape, scissors and so much more.  So I got the idea to take a couple of hours to organize and snap up photos of what I still possessed and post on Craigslist.  Whatever was I thinking?  Another project that took more than a couple of hours!

However, it brought back many fond memories of photo albums created when the girls were little.  I occasionally come upon one of them, often to discover photos are mysteriously missing (removed for a class project or to show a friend?)  I’ve also found many photos from my time in the US Navy as well as very old family photos that have yet to find their own album.  I just may have to begin a list of retirement projects so when the day comes I’ll be reminded of those activities I’ve not made time for in recent years.

In the meantime, if you find you are in a scrapbooking mode, I have many supplies available!


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