Catching Up On Gifts

I’ve been off work for a while, which lends itself to spending time catching up on paperwork, the lengthy “to do” list, as well as enjoying the benefits of an accumulation of gift certificates for massages and facials.  Yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed a birthday gift from my eldest daughter – a state-of-the-art facial with Skin Care by Lea Marie.

My visit began with the obligatory paperwork and conversation to determine the health of my skin and any goals I may have for my skin (remaining in my youthful 20s would be a great goal to attain) in a calm and soothing waiting room.  During this process we learned we’d both incurred shoulder injuries at about the same time in late April in a similar fashion: mine was a scooter fall causing a shoulder separation and Lea Marie’s was a motorcycle fall resulting in a broken shoulder!  Besides our new-found common ground, I found Lea Marie very warm and apparently quite educated in her field.

While I don’t recall every luscious process Lea Marie put my skin through, I do recall a vast array of lovely scents such as lavender, geranium and coconut (a touch of Hawaii in a little room in Santa Rosa).  The other two items that stood out were her use of ultrasound and LED light treatment.  Personally, I’ve never been very fond of hot steam blowing in my face – I feel  as if I’m being suffocated.  However, Lea Marie doesn’t use steam, but ultrasound, instead.  The sensation is a bit peculiar the first time, yet soothing – it feels like someone is gently shaving your face.  The benefit to the ultrasound is a deeper cleansing of your pores thanks to the sound waves.  She also uses LED light treatment.  The personally selected color (red, blue, green, etc) is determined by your skin needs such as improving acne and scarring or boosting collagen production to improve lines and wrinkles, etc.  This, too, was surprisingly soothing.

I definitely plan to return again, hopefully with a friend to enjoy a special offered by Skin Care by Lea Marie in collaboration with Rejuvance: a Facial/Massage combo – 2 hours of well-deserved pampering – for $80!  Follow that with lunch and you’ve got a splendid girlfriend date!

Thank you, eldest daughter!


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  1. Skin Care by Lea Marie Passarelli
    Jun 27, 2012 @ 21:50:58


    What a wonderful post! I felt like I was in the newspaper!!!! Thank you! Hope to see you again soon.



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