Going Green by Going Brown

Well, not completely brown.  It all began April 2010 ago with construction of a chicken coop from recycled fence boards, adopting five hens, followed by the laborious removal of the front lawn  (“green to brown”).  Removal of the lawn in the back yard was significantly less laborious as the hens happily removed every weed and strand of grass for us!



In 2011, thanks to Frank Skinner, two garden boxes (4′ x 8′ x 15″) were added to the front lawn, producing assorted lettuce, peppers, squash, cucumber, tomatoes, beans and more.  The garden boxes come from the mushroom farm that once resided on Thompson Lane.  Made of redwood and white fir, they were a STEAL at $60 (including delivery – you can’t even acquire the wood at that price!)  This year, 2012, two half wine barrels, from EverMay Garden Center, were a lovely addition to the front yard.


Last week, after replacing our side yard fence (Dusty Resneck Landscaping) as well as moving it out several feet, we added FOUR more garden boxes.  While we still need to order soil (for a large quantity, of which these boxes hold about 1.5 yards of soil each, the best garden box quality came from Soils Plus) and trim back trees that are providing a bit too much shade, we look forward to expanding our selection of edible backyard produce.  And we added two more hens to the lot this Spring!

Besides garden boxes, we’ve also come to rely on the raised beds that existed before we purchased the house, as well as recycling troughs found at Sonoma County’s Mecham Recycle/Reuse Center.

This year we had a late start in getting the veges planted by a whole month.  In addition we’ve had several cool days, which are not conducive to motivating the plants to grow very fast.  However we look forward to a bountiful crop of fresh veges and fruit in about a month, as we’ve had in the past!



If you’d like details on acquiring the garden boxes, simply leave a message in the comment section below.  As for the wine barrels, click on EverMay Garden Center  for their location, hours, and phone number (owners Annie & Dennis turned me on to the recycled garden boxes).  Over 95% of our starter plants come from EverMay, as well.

Happy Gardening!


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