Scootering Up – Yeah!

Back in May 2008, I went searching for a scooter in an attempt to save on gas. It only made sense with two of us working and socializing primarily in Petaluma, at least one of us could save a bit.

Little did I know there was a rush on scooters! By May 2008 sales were up 56% from the prior year, not much of a surprise what with gas prices at a high of $4/gallon. Shortly after putting a deposit down on a scooter in Santa Rosa – with an estimated delivery date of up to four weeks and being of an unknown color – Mr T decided he wanted a scooter as well.

Now, Mr T desiring a scooter was very unexpected news – this is the guy that despises driving anywhere outside of 30 miles. Why? “It takes too long and the other drivers are idiots.”  Unfortunately, the Santa Rosa scooter store could not commit to another model of the scooter we were interested in (the manufacturer was unable to keep up with the demand). This is when I began a web search for other nearby dealers of the Genuine “Buddys” (does this not conjure up images of “Skipper & Gilligan”?) and came upon San Francisco Scooter Center. Owner Barry Gwin predicted what was about to happen with gas prices and the demand for scooters months prior, and purchased an almost-sufficient number to meet the demand at his store. We drove down to SF Scooter Center Memorial weekend 2008. I selected a beautiful red Buddy 125 and Mr T selected a black Buddy. However within minutes I chose the Tangerine color in hopes I would be more visible to other drivers and Mr “Saf”-T elected to do the same. We brought them home on our trailer and life has never been the same since!

Check out some of the features of Buddy 125’s:

While we purchased our scooters to save on gas while commuting around town, we didn’t anticipate the joy of riding them simply for the sheer fun of it!  And I hadn’t anticipated Mr T enjoying them so much he was making excuses to ride his (“I’ll go pick up the half pint of whipping cream for you, honey”).  We’ve scooted as far west as Bodega Bay-Marshall-Pt Reyes Light House; as far east as Lake Berryessa; north to Healdsburg and south to San Francisco. We’ve trailered them up to Lake Tahoe and scooted the scenic ride around the lake several times (an amazing, breath-taking experience compared to a car).  Just last weekend we rode out to Nicks Cove in Marshall for Easter Brunch – what a beautiful ride on Highway 1!

There’s an amazing sense of freedom when scooting, as well as the exhilarating sensory stimulation of the passing breeze touching every exposed skin cell.  There’s a feeling of being part of all that is around you vs simply being a passing observer. Then there are the benefits of 90mpg, up to 80mph (though 60mph is a more comfortable ride) and the ease of parking!

For Mr T’s 60th last September, he traded in his Buddy 125 for a silver Buddy 170i.  He’s now freeway legal (not that that’s stopped us from short jaunts on Highway 101) and a little faster.  However, a bigger dream opportunity has come along … a 2005 blue Burgman 400.  We’ve both had dreams of owning a Burgman, though mine have been of a beautiful burgundy I often see about town).

Now begins our occasional adventure of riding on the same scooter, as the Burgman is more of a “touring” scooter.  We’ll be selling my tangerine Buddy 125 in the next few weeks.  I’ll be moving up to Mr T’s Buddy 170i and Mr T will be moving into the Burgman (at least the ratio of his body size to the Burgman will look more appropriate than when he was on the smaller Buddy). 

We’d love for you to join us!  Not only will my scooter be up for sale, we know of someone who has a Piaggio Fly 150 available.

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